Visa Mobile is a set of applications developed for the Android platform. This program initially delivers three services (Alerts, Offers, and Locator) that make your life easier, improve your ability to manage and protect your Visa cards, and get valuable offers from merchants.
Visa mobile services developed for the Android platform include:

  • Alerts: You receive near-real-time notification of purchase activity based on customized preferences. You can personalize the types of alerts delivered to your mobile device, such as the size of the transaction, or whether the transaction is in foreign currency.
  • Offers: You receive offers from merchants directly to your mobile phone. These offers range from discounts to loyalty offers.
  • Locator: The Locator service is integrated with technology developed by Google, such as Google Maps and Google location-based services, to show you nearby locations of merchants sending offers, or of an ATM that accepts Visa. The location is called out on a map displayed on the mobile phone's screen.

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