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    Doodle Jump For Android: Fewer Features and Higher Price


    One of my favorite little time wasters on my iPod Touch is Doodle Jump. I love the various scenes/modes of play, cute little ways you can get more jumping power like trampolines and springy shoes, the fact that they are constantly updating the app with creative new additions.....really a fun little .99 cent game.

    So yesterday when I saw a tweet from Lima Sky saying that an Android version of Doodle Jump is now on the Market I was excited! I immediately went to the Market, searched Doodle and found it........then my joy turned to huh??? First thing I see is that the beloved .99 cent game is a whopping $3.99 on Android! That is just crazy, four times the price? I would gladly pay the .99 cents, and maybe even twice that, yes, I could pay $1.99 no problem......but I can't justify four times the price it costs on another platform....especially when I start reading the scene modes, no trampolines, no springy shoes, no global scores, no options to share scores.....WHAT???

    I don't understand how they can take a well known game, charge four times the price, and release it bare bones as far as features go. If they had all the same features as the iPhone version I may have coughed up the difference and just bought it.....but I cannot justify paying so much more for so much less. Updates will come according to this from Pocket Gamer:

    "Igor from Lima Sky also says, the game will be updated, although their frequency will be determined by the interest shown.

    With the pressure on for Google to show the Android Market is a viable option for developers, it will interesting to see how well the game sells, especially as it's priced at $3.99 compared to 99c on the App Store."

    If you have Android 2.0 or higher you can check out Doodle Jump in the Android Market. Did any of you shrug off the higher price and give it a try? How did it work?

    Do you agree with me on refusing to pay so much more for less features or do you think I am being an unreasonably cheap tightwad?

    For those on other platforms who are Doodle Jump fans, Pocket Gamer says plans are in the works to port Doodle Jump to BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Brew and Java.
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    I don't understand either. If they wanted a real comparison, they should've matched the pricing. This is HHHHweird. I loved that game when I had an iPhone. For now, I play Abduction! on the Android. It's pretty much the same deal.
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    Here's the difference:

    1.) Android has statistically a harder "development and deployment" phase
    2.) This gives them an option to have sales and price drops. Did the game start @0.99c on the iphone? I don't think it did.
    3.) The "magic price" on android is $2.99 -- statistically (i don't agree with it either, but it is what it is)
    4.) The game development on android is MUCH harder
    5.) On android -- you can't rely on "many .99c hits" -- you have to actually increase your price. Not as many downloads means that the higher price is the only factor that will make it "worth it" for them.

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