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From Boy Genius Report "All through the night we received reports from ecstatic T-Mobile G1 ... Android News forum

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    Android “cupcake” 1.5 has arrived for T-Mobile G1s


    From Boy Genius Report

    "All through the night we received reports from ecstatic T-Mobile G1 users who have been letting us know the Android “cupcake” 1.5 update has been pushed out by T-Mobile. We checked ourselves and this is indeed the case but as some kind readers pointed out to us, customized ROMs can completely thwart a G1’s ability to receive the update notification. It’s not a hard fix to remove those cooked ROMs, so if you want to get your official cupcake on you know what to do."
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    Ok, I just looked at the report. There's something i'm just not getting.

    Why do you need a keyboard on your screen if you already have one on the phone? It's not like the screen gets any bigger because it on there. It takes up half the screen. If that was their argument for that, then it seems a little stupid to say the least.

    But that's just my opinion.
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    cant wait for the update...none of my friends with a g1 have gotten the update as of yet, at least the wait was not as bad as the bb 4.5 update...i remember that real

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    From what a tmobile rep in g1 data support told me, its suppose to to start rolling out tomorrow, but I've read that people have already gotten it.
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