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    Android Apps Of The Week


    After really thinking about it, I hate grouping these apps into a "Top" anything category because what I may thoroughly enjoy using, others may not. So it's unfair to classify them as the top, but what I can do is bring a list of really "top-notch" apps to the front to help you Android users out there to get the most out of your devices.

    This week I wanna focus on apps that work great when traveling. We've all been in a new town on a business or personal trip and had trouble getting around or finding something to eat. How about finding the fastest way to a travel spot and maybe a heads up on traffic conditions or speed traps in those towns you're coming up to. Well the apps below should help make that a bit easier and let you get back to enjoying that trip with the family or getting that business proposal ready. Any of these applications can be download using the barcodes or by clicking the links from your Android device.

    Trapster: A lot of users wondered why this app wasn't included in my first round of reviews, but it's here now. This handy little tool is a must have for travelers to avoid those nasty speed traps. Utilizing user collected data, it warns of known speed traps and if you're in the area of a recently reported trap, it delivers a notification to your device. It also reports on red light and speed cameras in areas throughout the country. Because it relies on user input, the data is constantly being updated and the best part of all, it's free. A really great tool when traveling and just to spread the love, this app is available for BlackBerry, the iPhone, and others.

    POI Search is for finding just about anything, just about anywhere. Staying on vacation in Orlando with the family and want to find a family style restaurant? POI has a category for that. Need to find a place to rent a car? POI has a category for that. Just select the category for what you need and it will perform a search based off of a saved location or your current location. It includes phone number, address, and will plot a route to your destination using Google Maps, or if there are several hits for the same business in your area, show you a map with pinpoints for all of them. The only thing missing from this app is a search input box when you want to find a specific business or place, but POI says that's it's advantage. You can find thousands of listings, without typing in a single character. This app costs $1.99 and is great for finding local attractions and shops when traveling or even discovering new places in your own town.

    FlightStats: This app grabs data from one of the largest airline information sites on the net. It delivers flight tracking by flight, route, or airport, flight map, airport weather and delay conditions, and airline contact info in an easy to use and follow UI. For those who travel by air, you understand how frustrating it is to rush to the airport, just to find out your flight is being delayed 30 minutes or that it's been canceled. FlightStats allows you to check the status of any flight out there, so you always know when the spouse's plane is going to land or when yours is scheduled for take off. This app goes for $3.99, but is a great tool for personal or business use when planning trips.

    This app doesn't technically make your traveling any easier, but it really is a gem for recording your trip and sharing it. It keeps track of your travel, geotags your photos, and allows you to make trip notes and photo captions. It also allows you to view your trip on a map and upload your entire adventure to the EveryTrail website so others can see what you saw, the way you saw it. A neat tool for cataloging the family trip and showing it off to family and friends. For you outdoors types, this app provides you a link to a whole new traveling community to share your experiences with. This app is free and definitely worth a grab.

    1 Click Direction : Turn by turn directions with audible alerts anyone? Input the address you want into this application and it will plan your route, with turn by turn directions and it includes spoken prompts in 12 different languages. You can search for addresses from contacts, refresh your route from your current destination with 1 click, and it even supports multiple travel methods such as driving, walking, or public transportation. It features clean interface and even looks for local points of interest. Anyone looking for a simple GPS navigation tool should have this one in their arsenal. This app goes for $2.99 and considering other GPS apps out there costing upwards of $30+, it's a great bargain.

    There you have it folks. This week's list of top-notch apps for the Android platform. Hopefully those of you who roam constantly, and I don't mean on your carrier, these applications will help you get the most out of your trip and keep you from getting lost. For those of you who tend to stay home and haven't really even explored your own town, who knows, maybe they will help you discover some great local hotspots and avoid a speeding ticket while you're at it.
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    nice list!

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    Great list. Another option besides EveryTrail is a app called Mytracks. I used that to map out my bike ride that I normally do, and it tracks speed, elevation shift, and time. The app is free and offered through the App Market.

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