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There is absolutely no shortage of Twitter apps available for the iPhone. But in my ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    Tweetie 2 Takes The Best iPhone Twitter App And Ups The Sex Appeal


    There is absolutely no shortage of Twitter apps available for the iPhone. But in my mind (and the minds of many others) one stands above all the rest: Tweetie. And while the app has undergone several small tweaks since it was first released last year, a big time revamp is about to hit: Tweetie 2.

    We’ve been testing out of the app for a few weeks now, and I’m happy to report that it’s the Tweetie you know and love, but better.

    Maybe you’ve seen some tweets from users in recent weeks labeled as coming from “Bigbird”? Yeah, that’s Tweetie 2.0. Some may recall that this was also the code name for Tweetie for the Mac right before it launched. The reason for the nickname is that Tweetie 2 is built on top of the Project Bigbird core, which Atebitsdeveloper Loren Brichter first developed for Tweetie for Mac. This means an iPhone Tweetie that is “faster, slimmer, and much more powerful,” as Brichter puts it.

    So what’s new? A lot. Here are the big ones.

    Persistence — Tweetie now remembers the last thing you were browsing when you closed the app. This means if you were on a user’s Twitter profile, you will go back there when you open the app again.

    New message indicators — When you have a new @reply or direct message, you will now see a glowing blue light below those sections to let you know.

    Scroll up to reload — Rather than having a separate reload button, to reload your main tweet stream, you simply now scroll up, hold for a second, and Tweetie will check for new tweets.

    Much, Much more after the break via TechCrunch
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    This is a nice update even though I wish push notifications would
    have been added.
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    This looks like TwitBird Pro... which I use

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