London (Jan. 20, 2009) – Truphone, the next generation global mobile operator, today adds to the list of innovative ways users of its iPhone and iPod touch applications can make and receive free international calls through its partnership with Voxbone, provider of free +883 iNum® numbers.

Through the partnership, customers can now make and receive free mobile VoIP calls via other iNum service providers, including Gizmo5, Jajah, Rebtel, and others.

Under agreement with Voxbone, Truphone assigns individual iNum free phone numbers to its users with iPhone and iPod touch devices when they sign up.

The service is in addition to the free calls Truphone customers can make to each other and to Skype and Google Talk users when both parties are connected to Wi-Fi; and instant messaging to Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and AIM communities.

“We continue to increase Truphone’s value to our users by giving them new and innovative ways to communicate,” said Karl Good, Director of Applications for Truphone. “For people with iPod touch devices, getting their own free iNum numbers means they can now talk to an even broader network of friends across Gizmo5, Jajah, Rebtel and many others for free.”

Tim Behrsin, who leads Voxbone’s iNum initiative, said: “We’re very pleased to have Truphone become an active participant in our community of service providers that connect iNum calls. Our goal is to create and grow the community of iNum providers, build recognition and then add other providers as we gain momentum.”

Customers who want to know what their iNum +883 numbers are simply need to email Truphone Customer Services on:

In addition to Truphone, service providers such as Rebtel, Gizmo5 and others route calls directly to the Voxbone gateway and charge nothing to complete calls. However, traditional operators charge fees to route calls to iNum numbers. Truphone and Voxbone advise customers to verify the fees that apply when dialing iNum calls routed via traditional operators.