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The iPhone crowd has turned into an anti-AT&T mob. Spend 30 seconds on Twitter or ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    The tipping point: iPhone users turn against AT&T


    The iPhone crowd has turned into an anti-AT&T mob. Spend 30 seconds on Twitter or perform even the most basic search for iPhone and AT&T information and you're sure to run into some serious rancor from disgusted iPhone users across the country. While the exclusive partnership between Cupertino and the Dallas teleco has never been perfect, user hostility has lately been at a fevered pitch.

    In February of this year, prominent blogger Om Malik announced he was "breaking up" with his iPhone. "I love my iPhone -- but AT&T's network has failed me. Apparently I'm not alone. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know how often I complain about it; my complaints always result in me receiving similar messages of frustration from other iPhone users. A status update on my Facebook page on the topic unleashed a flood of messages from people expressing abhorrence of AT&T's service."

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    Wow, sounds like some unhappy customers. Does AT&T offer any relief to all of these people having so many problems?

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    I guess I've been fortunate on AT&T with iphone and blackberry. Technology isn't perfect and people live to complain.
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    I wish people would realize there will never be a perfect phone or a perfect carrier, Verizon sucks in some places great in other as are other major carriers. The blackberry works great for some, others don't like it. The iphone so revolutionary as it seems to be still isn't perfect for everyone. I will admit I wouldn't mind having one, but if I did buy it I wouldn't drop my BB and use the iphone only, my hands are too big for a touch screen device. Like calm_tiger said people live to complain and protest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MR. H View Post
    I wish people would realize there will never be a perfect phone or a perfect carrier,
    I agree, Also without issues from all the different types of phone there wouldnt be a Pinstack Community
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    It's no secret AT$T has held back the iPhone's abilities. The phone can do more than what AT$T can handle therefore they restrict it's users.

    Even at this years WWDC a subtle dig was thrown at AT$T when they were discussing the new features of 3.0. (The MMS announcement)

    We really don't even need to talk about any of them. All we need to do it wait till another Carrier is allowed to sell the iPhone and see what happens.

    I'm going to bet AT$T will loose customers. That will speak volumes.
    I say that knowing I will still stay with AT$T but do understand everyones frustrations.
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    Even more reason for me to stick with my Blackberry. I don't need enough memory to store everything about the last century on or an app that counts how many times I blink and sends it to all my friends - like they really care. So I don't have all of that, I could buy it or make it - and at least copy and paste isn't like being a kid at Disney World for the first time for me. AT&T isn't perfect by any means, neither is T mobile or Verizon but from what I see they at least have decent networks and actual phones that work on them.
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    Someone should start an anit At&t facebook group, id join, but dont want want the spotlight of creating and running, one group is enough as it is.
    It takes many professionals versed in many different area's to help the masses, I am just a single drop in that pool.


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    I don't know why people are complaining so much. Yes 3G isn't in ALL areas just like cell phone coverage isn't in general. I am satisfied with ATT's performance. I suppose it's pretty good in Phoenix.

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    Bottom line is that cell carriers all suck in one way or another, but in todays world you 'have' to have one, so you might as well get the phone that you want...

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    It's no doubt that a lot of people flocked to AT&T when the iphone was released, and left their carrier behind that prolly offered better coverage in their area.

    I'm sure it has something to do with the way the iphone has to be in constant contact with the cell towers also. It cant be easy for AT&T to handle such a data hungy phone either.

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    You have heard it a couple times and I will say it again. People love to complain! What's funny is that in the article someone actually thought sprint had a good network. I got a good laugh on that one. At&t works great for me!!!

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    I have Sprint for my BlackBerry 8330 and it is better that others I know who have BlackBerry's on other networks. It's all relative to what you want to use the network for and what you want out of your phone. If the iPhone was on the Sprint network I would have gotten one but I am very satisfied with what I have and the network I am on. Just like what was said, NONE of the networks are perfect. I have friends who work for CS for Verizon and T-Mobile (while I work for Sprint) and all customers for all networks call in about the same problems and are not satisfied with their carrier.

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    I actually think ATT is the only carrier that had nothing positive about them before the iPhone. One thing that specifically ticks me off about them is how they claim "perfect" coverage, and how some of their phones even show 5 bars but the quality is horrific.

    When it comes to it, sprint has the worst customer support (no really I've never seen anyone worse), but they at least have cheap phones and the fastest network.
    Verizon is expensive as hell, but you can be stuck in a field and you will most likely have service.
    Tmobile has the best possible customer support, and the cheapest plans, but their coverage could use somework and they have the slowest network possible.

    ATT has what... expensive phones, crappy customer support, expensive plans, bad bad BAD coverage!!

    PS: this is from being with Tmobile for 2 years, with Verizon for 2 years, with Sprint for 2 years, with ATT for 1 year and two months (breaking out of contract), and with T-mobile for 2 years now.

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