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From Apple Insider: AT&T on Wednesday published an open letter to customers on its iPhone ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    AT&T drops iPhone 3G S prices for early iPhone 3G adopters


    From Apple Insider:

    AT&T on Wednesday published an open letter to customers on its iPhone 3G S upgrade eligibility program in which it announced that, for a limited time, it will offer early iPhone 3G adopters the opportunity to purchase an iPhone 3G S at the same $199 and $299 price points as new customers.

    The exclusive U.S. iPhone carrier said that generally speaking, the more a customer spends with AT&T, the quicker they become eligible for a price break on a new device. For example, iPhone customers who spend more than $99 a month per line are generally eligible for an upgrade between 12 and 18 months into their contract.

    However, with iPhone 3G having launched last July and the new iPhone 3G coming out this June, no iPhone 3G users are eligible to upgrade to the iPhone 3G S at the advertised $199 and $299 price points under AT&T's standard policy because 12 months have yet to pass.

    Instead, AT&T said iPhone 3G owners could upgrade to a 16GB or 32GB iPhone 3G S for $399 or $499, respectively, if they wished to do so before they became eligible for upgrade pricing either 12 or 18 months into their iPhone 3G contract.

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    To be honest; I think this is a feble attempt. But hey, they got to make their money. Oh they are only offering 100 bucs off, this is after some of you paid dam near 400 bucs for an iphone 3G and its only been a year.... This is so funny.
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    Although not an iphone owner (yet) we are up for renewal and courting other providers. I told my hubby that i wanted to wait and see how att and reconciled this issue b/c WHEN we get the iphone, we will be the ones next yr looking at a new iphone w/ this same upgrd issue.

    looks like they have sided in favor of the subscribers which is good. But we are still going to wait a month or so b/f we get them

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