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From jkOnTheRun : "The Sling Media folks pinged me this afternoon to share their latest ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    SlingPlayer Mobile 1.1 to Bring DISH Remote Access


    From jkOnTheRun:

    "The Sling Media folks pinged me this afternoon to share their latest news. SlingPlayer Mobile v1.1 for iPhone was submitted to the iTunes App Store for approval. Let me get the bad news out of the way first, so we can focus on the good stuff — there’s no 3G streaming support in the new version. You still have to use Wi-Fi to watch live or recorded television from your SlingBox hardware.

    There are four reasons for the upgraded version though — the first three are certainly welcome but the fourth one shows where the product is headed:

    True 16 x 9 support that fills the entire width of the iPhone and iPod Touch screen
    An improved remote control interface
    Faster connection, channel change and remote control response times
    Integrated DISH Remote Access for users with DISH Network Satellite TV"

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    Sounds cool for people with Iphones and are Dish Network customers.
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    Sounds good but wish there was 3g support.

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    Interesting, of course most of the time that I'm using my iPod Touch on wifi I'm at home. So for $30 I won't be trying this one.
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    I was waiting for this one when I had an iphone....oh well I'm sure I'll have another sooner or later....
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