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Originally Posted by srl7741 Here is an interesting Article that may also explain why it ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by srl7741 View Post
    Here is an interesting Article that may also explain why it was rejected.


    I'm not sure I buy National Security as the reason but still a good read.


    I agree - I'm not buying the national security excuse much either. Here's an idea though - Maybe they are using it to set an example. They are finally realizing that any software can be hacked and cell phones especially, having mobility and constantly improving power, are a big concern.

    Someday carriers will monitor any alterations to a phone and the FBI will come knocking down our doors

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    Here's an article about it in the N Y Times today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jblackfish View Post
    Here's an article about it in the N Y Times today.
    Interesting article JB. Glad ti see the developer still getting his app out there, despite Apple. It still begs the question though of whether this really was Apple or AT&T. The articfle eludes to Apple's hand being forced.
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    AT$T needs to go

    That was a good article, I'm looking forward to more like that as the days go by and we find out more about Google, Apple and AT$T.

    What puzzels me is ths. Wouldn't Apps like GV lighten the load on AT$T's Network? You are required to have a Data Plan anyway so they are still getting their money. Maybe I'm missing the big picture but I still wonder about that.
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