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    Lawyers Move Toward IPhones, Give up BlackBerrys

    Advertisement Lawyers are increasingly jumping ship from BlackBerrys to iPhones, thanks in large part to functionality enabled by the iPhone's special screen.

    Some lawyers still prefer the BlackBerry for its keyboard and longer battery life. But the iPhone's big screen, slick interface and easy-to-use touchpad makes it an enticing device. The touchscreen makes it a snap to switch between browser windows and zoom in and out of documents.

    Steven Wegman, an attorney at Greenblum and Bernstein in Washington D.C. has not abandoned his BlackBerry for an iPhone yet, but believes it's a good tool for lawyers.

    "You can open to review all PDF and Word files and Excel spreadsheets, and shortly Documents to Go will be available that will allow you to edit these files on the iPhone," he told The Industry Standard.

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    Another reason not to like Lawyers. Honestly, I would go with whatever worked best for the job I do, so I can understand their reasons.

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    wait i thought lawyers cant have phones that have cameras... which is why they always have the 88xx bb... how will they do it for iphone.
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    I was just going to mention that. Lawyers cannot take the iphone into court. They have to surrender it at the door to the officer. If you were a lawyer, would you do that. With all of that confidential info on it.

    Lawyers will not switch to the iphone except for personal recreational use.

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    The last firm I worked for, they had been using the 8100s and those had cameras...they had to turn them completely off and I never heard of them not being able to bring them into courtroom. There were a number of times they had been quite urgent in calling the office during breaks because they had to have them turned off otherwise.

    Why the switch? Perhaps it more "hip"? I don't know, but this could be a small number of people interviewed who had happened to switch. Most businesses I have worked at, including my current employer, they all use some kind of BB. (This is not stating that one is better than the other).
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikonianmike View Post

    Lawyers will not switch to the iphone except for personal recreational use.
    Did you misread this article? They're switching for functionality reasons. BB owners.. And denial.
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    Who cares? I like my blackberry and I could care less who uses the same brand as I do.
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    good thing blackberry has had those features forever, and the storm has roughly the same size screen

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    Interesting. I wonder if the trend to switch will last or fade. It'll be interesting to follow the stats on the different smart phone users/professions.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if it was due in part to the productivity increase, up to the minute scheduling availability, and cost savings offered by having direct exchange support out of the box. The exchange availability would allow a secretary or support personnel to have immediate access to calendars, contacts, and mail and be able to manage these for the professionals without the added expenses of BES, to enable the same functions on the BB (unless of course you want to use something like yahoo or gmail). Without BES (which also adds an extra monthly expense over BIS), the professional must remember to connect and sync in order to maintain up to date information, whereas the exchange offers all of this through over the air immediate availability (assuming the use of an exchange server, through either 3rd party or in house without the extra monthly charge, even though AT$T will charge it if you want to pay it, the exchange plan is not necessary it works with the normal plan and doesn't break any contract rules). I like both BB and iPhone, but for me the iPhone and exchange is a bigger cost savings (have my own exchange server) as I get all of the benefits of BES without the added cost and I can keep mine and the wife's devices up to date frome my laptop, server, or the comfort of my desk chair and she is none the wiser, but always up to date (she has enough problem just remembering to charge her device let alone sync it, so this all becomes my job and saves me loads of time. I also have access to more sites (namely my servers) with the iPhone built in browser, than I did with the BB (having said all of this, I do miss the BB messenger at times though but make do with email). There really is no perfect device just yet. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple were to make a camerless version sometime in the future for just this reason. I went to the VA the other day and had to return the phone to my car as there are no cameras allowed in a federal building. Apple is definitelty missing a market by having the camera (I personally would rather not have one on my phone, but hey that is just me).
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    I always wanted to see inside a lawyers phone!
    If they kept BB's then we can't break the encryption
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