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Apple Inc. appears to have clearance from an industry group to block rival Palm Inc.'s ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    Industry group: OK for iTunes to block Palm Pre


    Apple Inc. appears to have clearance from an industry group to block rival Palm Inc.'s Pre phone from connecting with iTunes software.

    The $200 Pre was launched in June as a direct competitor to the iPhone, and became the first non-Apple device that could directly connect to iTunes. It did that essentially by pretending to be an iPod or iPhone.

    Apple crippled that function by updating its software. To get around it, Palm used a workaround similar to the Pre's original method of connecting to iTunes: It updated the Pre's software so that when it was connected to a computer's USB port it gave out a hardware vendor code that Apple was assigned by the USB Implementers Forum, an industry standards group. ITunes would then see the Pre as an Apple device and allow users to transfer content to it. The phone does not work with the most recent version of iTunes, however.

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    Why would you wanna be using itunes in the first place? I'm happy with my drag and drop so eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasy with my bb .
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    I wish Apple was more open about this, but itunes is theirs and they should be allowed to permit or deny use with other manufacturers devices as they wish. Palm went about it all wrong, forcing your way in repeatedly and promoting/advertising the ability to do so is messed up, makes them look desperate or spiteful......
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    I knew that would be coming. Wonder how long before Palm finds another workaround. In all honesty Palm isn't helping themselves too much with their new OS and devices by grasping at Apple's coat tails like this.
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