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    iControl Pad for iPhone may soon see the light of day

    Advertisement For the last nine months, the project has been working on a gamepad shell for Apple's iPhone to aid in the playing of jailbreak games and console emulators. Now, a partnering developer has released a video of a final stage prototype being used to play Quake. The add-on, which handles I/O and draws power from the device's dock connector, includes what appears to be an eight-direction d-pad—A, B, X, Y, select, and start buttons. Despite being almost ready to go, the peripheral currently sports a typical white prototype finish.

    The iControlPad began its development in May of 2008 when an individual built a serial interface for connecting a Super Nintendo controller to the iPhone. Since then, we have only seen CG renders, a video of an SNES controller hooked up to an iPhone, and a few still pictures.

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    Interesting, I once hardwired and old Snes controller, into an alarm clock, and an amp w/speaker because sometimes it takes alot to wake me up.

    I was able to set the alarm, change volume, snooze, and seek for the radio, I didnt wire into the alarm off for a reason.

    I would set the alarm and go to sleep, and then in the morning after a snooze or too, I threw the controller as far away as I could so I would have to get up, before the neighbors called the cops
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