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Javelin Strategy & Research ( ) today released a report indicating that mobile banking ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    Half of All iPhone Users Do Mobile Banking Today


    Javelin Strategy & Research ( today released a report indicating that mobile banking is quickly moving from a "techie" to mainstream capability that is changing how consumers manage their finances today, which in turn will change how consumers pay for goods in the future. The report, 2009 Mobile-Banking and Smartphone Forecast (, examines services offered by carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. The report also features five-year forecasts for mobile-banking usage that documents the growing availability of mobile banking at everyday financial institutions.

    "Mobile banking is quickly moving from infancy to commonplace, which will help separate the winners from losers in banks` ability to attract and keep technology-loving consumers," said Mary Monahan, Research Director and Managing Partner. "Consumers are hungry for the `always-on` and `real time` ability to monitor and manage their money, and mobile banking serves that need better than any other."

    The Javelin report also covers general smartphone adoption, which is a secondary factor driving mobile banking, and the race to develop the basic thin-client capabilities that Javelin calls "wrapper applications" to integrate financial services into mobile online sites.

    Key Findings of the Javelin 2009 Mobile-Bankingand Smartphone Forecast:
    * Nearly half of mobile-phone owners currently have access to mobile banking today.
    * By 2014, 45% of mobile-phone users will actually use mobile banking.
    * 99 million U.S. adults will conduct mobile banking transactions at least once per year by 2014 - with 52% of mobile-phone users relying on smartphones.
    * Mobile banking will rival online banking, with the former used as a "remote control" and the latter as a detailed form of control panel for more complex transactions.
    * AT&T has the highest number of mobile bankers due to the iPhone`s influence, while Verizon Wireless has the lowest penetration for mobile bankers among the top tier U.S. wireless carriers.

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    Wow! I'm amazed at that statistic! That's something I've purposely avoided. I hate to be negative but I wonder if the hackers will get into the mobile banking set next and a whole new identity theft category will develop. (I hope not but that would be my fear.)
    For every complex problem there is a solution, that is simple, neat, .....and wrong! (H. L. Mencken) jblackfish(at)pinstack(dot)com

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    yea i use it on my BB but if i had an i phone my bank allows for mobile deposits!

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    I guess I fall within most of their reports. Since moving platforms (over to the iPhone) I've used nothing but my phone for my daily Banking. When I began using the Apps the UI is so easy to use and much less confusing than any web browser. Heck I don't ever remember the last time I was actually in my Bank? I've become dependent on it. Besides, my phone is with me at all times and I'm often not around a computer to keep up with everything. It just makes sense the phone is becoming so popular.

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    I really appreciate your thoughts.It is very convenient to effort banking on mobile.According to today's technology it is very important to use mobile banking.So by help of it we can easily get payment or can deposit money although we are anywhere.It is really god survey of yours.thank you for sharing the post...

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    Not until my BlackBerry gets a browser that is a lot more secure would I even think about on-line banking or entering my credit card information into it.

    Too many people don't realize that most 3rd party browsers take the information entered into that browser and send it through the software's servers on the way to the financial institution - and then flows from the financial institution's servers back into the servers of the software's host to be "formatted" for the BlackBerry device! Too many opportunities for data hijacking to give me any sense of security.

    Mobile browser based banking / credit card transactions, based on the technology we're given today - No thank you.

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