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It's all getting very confusing and apparently Google is still trying to make the most ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    Google Releases New Google Voice for iPhone


    It's all getting very confusing and apparently Google is still trying to make the most of a bad situation when it comes to the iPhone and using Google Voice. If your using a Jail Broken phone I'm sure your enjoying all this but many of us don't use a Jail Broken Phone and would still like to use Google Voice. So here we GO!

    Today Google has unveiled a new interface for Google Voice for the iPhone and Palm Pre. In addition to a mobile-optimized version of your Voice inbox, you can place calls using the service (including cheap international calls), send and get text messages, and play back voicemail messages. Your Voice number will show up as the caller ID, so people can call you back there instead of on your mobile number. Link:

    Video Tudor:

    Previous Topic Post:Black Swan GV Option
    Between this new Web Interface and Black Swan I prefer Black Swan by far. The issue is now "Which Way Do I Go". I'm left feeling like the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing? Creating even MORE icons on my Home Screen is not very appealing in this day an age of 150K Apps with only 10 pages to place them on.

    I'm just not feeling the Luv from all this. All I want to do is use GV in a simple, easy to use App. It that too much to ask?

    PinStack sound off.......... Jail Broken users feel free to giggle
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    Ok I'm giggling
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    I really hope Apple and Google get this hashed out. Been loving GV on my BB for months now. Really wanna see all platforms able to really enjoy though. Set to ring my mobile and home phone so friends/family can always find me.

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