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Last night, I was out with some friends in search of a particular bar. Naturally, ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    Google Injects Ads And User-Generated Content Into iPhone Maps


    Last night, I was out with some friends in search of a particular bar. Naturally, we did the 21st century equivalent of asking a gas station attendant for directions, we pulled out our iPhones to look it up in the Maps application. The result was odd; the bar we were looking for was there, but there was another result in the same spot, labeled as “User-created content.”

    Yesterday, Search Engine Land noted that sponsored links (ads) are starting to show up in the Maps application on the iPhone. It would appear that Google is slowly adding some new features. But what’s odd is that these features are showing up without warning, and, as far as I can tell, without a way to turn them off.

    via TechCrunch
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    Did they give you any options with that user content pin? Such as a rating or the word useful with a box next to it? Maybe feedback is what controls those? Just a thought.

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    Not sure if I like the idea of ads showing up.
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