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For many, any job is better than no job in a poor economy. The Earnometer ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    Earn-O-Meter iPhone App Offers Humorous Alternative to Economic Anxiety


    For many, any job is better than no job in a poor economy. The Earnometer iPhone application by Wry Apps is designed to help good employees endure unpleasant work situations.

    The Earnometer allows users to track income as it is earned in real time, right down to the millionth of a dollar, while sitting through pointless meetings, dull conference calls and inane conversations with nitwits in the workplace. The Earnometer app is a humorous presentation of a common but unspoken reality - many people work because the money they earn outweighs the aggravation of their workplace.

    The brainchild of two technology industry veterans, the Earnometer was originally built as a way to alleviate anxiety from a brief consulting stint at a failing company. They needed comic relief.

    Amid impending business failure at the company, the two came to the realization that their co-workers were staying aboard only because they needed the income. If they could humor themselves, they could better endure the deteriorating situation.

    Thus the Earn-O-Meter was hatched. Initially built as an in-joke amongst a few office friends, the new Earnometer iPhone app calculates and displays user's income six digits to the right of the decimal point. Updating in real time down to the millionth of a dollar, figures whiz by almost faster than the human eye can perceive. The effect is as intended - Earnometer users visualize that a 20 minute meeting with an annoying co-worker may be unpleasant, yet is also profitable. A mindless three hour conference call nets real money. Workday rough spots are mitigated when one can see daily earnings piling up with stop-watch quickness and accuracy.

    "Work can be both satisfying and aggravating," says Wry Apps(TM) President Stephen Brown. "Almost everyone goes through experiences at work that challenge one's ability to remain sane. The Earnometer uses humor to defuse otherwise intolerable workplace moments," according to Brown.

    More information about the Earnometer is on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Wry Apps develops mobile application with humorous intent. The Earnometer is available through the Apple iTunes store. More apps are in the Wry Apps pipeline with thought being given to also building for Blackberry and other mobile platforms.

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    This is funny, I could use it when doing all those tedious, time consuming jobs I sewing an entire folio sized Bible from the 1500's back together again! Remind me page by page just how much I'm getting paid while I do it....
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    That's HILARIOUS! Release it for Android please!
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    This is pretty awesome. Can't wait for it to come out for BlackBerry

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