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Tough times call for tough cases and that's where the recession case comes in! The ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    Case-mate: iPhone 3G / 3GS recession case


    Tough times call for tough cases and that's where the recession case comes in! The recession case lets you keep cash in your pocket without sacrificing on unique design for your beloved iPhone! But just in case one isn't enough we have the BAILOUT BUNDLE - 10 cases for $7.99!

    We are now offering FREE “Sharpie Script “personalization on the recession case! Just leave “Albertus Medium” selected and you will get your very own personalized recession case! If ordering a bundle we will personalize the first case.

    FREE Shipping!
    Please note, if you are purchasing the recession case (or Bailout Bundle) alone and select free ground shipping, the cases will ship USPS first class mail and NOT standard ground shipping. USPS first class mail has an estimated delivery time of 5-10 business days. If you are including additional case-mate items with your order the recession cases will ship standard ground with your other items.

    "You the people have responded to our recession aid for this economy and because of the overwhelming response the recession case is temporarily sold out! Be sure to check back in a few days to order more recession cases!"

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    LMAO.... That's the coolest looking case!! Nice find Cherri

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    LMFAO, im going to buy me the bailout bundle and get it personalized with:
    "PIMP - because im gangsta like that!"
    I really hope that this is an actual product because I really want it.
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    These crack me up, they were overwhelmed by the response on this!
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    I wish they had one for the Bold, it would match my vagbabond type lifestyle.

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    OMG......that is awesome!!! I would soooo rock this case.

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    LMAO 3 months later it's STILL sold out

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    Must get me one. Read somewhere else that it's also waterproof.
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