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Bookseller Barnes & Noble has launched an iPhone and iPod Touch application that will let ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    Barnes & Noble Launches iPhone App - Snap a pic to find books, CD's etc.


    Bookseller Barnes & Noble has launched an iPhone and iPod Touch application that will let users search for book, CD and DVD titles by simply snapping a picture of the cover.

    Users who download the free B&N Bookstore App at the iTunes App Store can use their mobile cameras to search the company’s multi-million book inventory and return information on the product, including pricing, editorial reviews and customer ratings. They can also purchase the books they find over the mobile phone for home delivery, or reserve them for in-store pickup at the closest brick and mortar outlet in the chain.

    Wondering what to read next?
    Use the Discover section to browse recommendations, new releases, or watch video interviews with authors.

    Search millions of books, DVDs, and CDs using your iPhone's camera. Just snap a photo of the front cover and instantly get product details, editorial reviews, and customer ratings - even find and reserve a copy in the store closest to you!

    Find your closest Barnes & Noble, get maps and directions, and see which stores offer cafes and free AT&T Wi-Fi access. Plus, view upcoming events including author appearances, musical performances, and children’s Storytimes.

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    That looks great, many of useful features. Now Borders needs to come out with something like this
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    Another one of my Family members installed this App yesterday and they love it.
    Apps like these make the iPhone great.

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    omg i want this for my blackberry!!!

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    This'll be a great revenue builder for them.
    Nice. I'll have to give it a shot.
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    Sounds like what Snaptell has done for quite a while, only specific to B&N. I'll have to play around with the B&N one to see if it's any better/different than snaptell (which is great)

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    Am I overlooking something or...

    I mean... If I take a picture of the cover, chances are *I HAVE THE PRODUCT IN MY HAND*

    Or would this be more like 'over at a friends house and saw a book I want to buy' kind of app?

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