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The L.A. Times reports that Apple will begin allowing developers access to the tools they ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    Augmented Reality Apps to Arrive with iPhone 3.1 Update


    The L.A. Times reports that Apple will begin allowing developers access to the tools they need to produce augmented reality applications starting with upcoming iPhone OS 3.1

    "Augmented reality is a mesmerizing software breed that overlays useful info onto a real-world view using the iPhone's camera. Because it relies heavily on the compass in addition to other smart-phone features such as the GPS and Internet connection only users of the new iPhone 3GS will be able to install them."

    I've been watching these types of Apps closely and they look promising and offer some neat new features we are not used to.

    Read More.

    Additional Read.
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    It is some seriously cool stuff, I mentioned the subway app in the smartphone add-ons this week. Too bad Apple put the brakes on it until Sept. But once it goes official there should be quite a few interesting uses for this technology. I know that Android is capable of this as well...but have yet to see anything really hit yet...I think once again Apple will rule in the apps race. The TAT one looks interesting......can't wait to see what developers come up with next
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    That's really wicked. What a cool app!!! Definitely makes me want an iPhone a bit more and more with apps like that!
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