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Apple's App Store has been plagued with bad publicity in the tech blogs lately and ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    Some of Apple's Top Execs Step In And Reach Out to Rejected Developers


    Apple's App Store has been plagued with bad publicity in the tech blogs lately and deservedly so considering their seemingly random decision making in the application approval process. But it seems like Apple is reading those blogs and is starting to take action. Now they didn't step up and approve Google Voice, but at least it's a sign that they recognize that they have major issues and even some of Apple's top execs are stepping in and directly communicating with developers.

    Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing and Phil Shoemaker, Director of Application Tehnology have both contacted the developer of Rising Card, a magic app developed by Theory11 after the app they spent months developing was rejected because it could be confusing to it's a magic're supposed to be confused, puzzled, left wondering how it happened! The app has since been approved, read more here on TechCrunch.
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    I have to agree with the article's author that Apple waited a bit too long to try and fix the problems with the app store. I am however very glad to see that they are starting to listen to the consumers out there and are trying to get started in the right direction. The timing with the whole FCC investigation does question the genuiness of the moves by Apple, but in the end, does it matter, so long as they adress the problems?
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