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Via : "Apple has obtained the rights to offer ready-made ringtones for the iPhone ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    Apple To Offer Ready-Made Ringtones On iTunes


    Via "Apple has obtained the rights to offer ready-made ringtones for the iPhone and managers are trying to have them available in time for next week's press conference, music industry sources told CNET News.

    Owners of Apple's iPhone have long had the ability to create custom-made ringtones for their devices. The new music snippets are mainly a convenience, as they make it possible for iPhone owners to obtain a pre-cut ringtone instead of having to create their own."

    Good news for iPhone users who hate having to sit down and dissect their MP3's to get just the piece of the song they want or for those who have no earthly idea how to do that. The article also says that Apple has not officially set a per-ringtone price yet and that it is expected to debut September 9th at the company's scheduled press event, if they can get the setup together in time. Also expected to debut is an updated iPod. Should be a good day for Apple announcements.

    Check out the full article here.
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    This is cool for those who are computer illiterate, or for those who don't care to invest time in making their own. I definitely don't fall under that category...but it can be useful for some

    What would be cool is a way to download (or make your own) text message and email alerts, the iPhone only offers 6 I like variety as well as the option to make and apply my own alerts

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    Yep, I agree. We all know they arent going to be free. Apple is already making a gazillion bucks with iTunes and the AppStore. I'll definately keep making my own for free. But as you stated it will benefit some.
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    A few days ago when I read this I was left wondering if it was a bargining chip and they finally just gave in to get something else? It's been adsent since the beginning why now?

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    srl - It's all about $$$...they see that ringtones sales have dropped, and that's their window of opportunity to bring it back up in their favor.

    iTunes is usually the very first thing I hear out of people mouths when we talk about 'buying music', for some it's 'the only way' to buy music and for most, it's 'the easiest way', even my mom knows how to use iTunes and she can barely remember how to make a folder on her desktop no matter how many times I show here LOL.

    Now, just imagine those same people having access to thousands (and eventually millions) of 'ringtones' on iTunes....they're gonna fall in love. I had a friend (who also owns an iPhone) ask me the other day if I knew of website to 'buy' ringtones....?? I was shocked, and I'm sure there are thousands of others just like him wondering the same thing. It's all about 'convenience' and getting things the 'easiest' way, and although making your own ringtones takes minutes, some people would rather not waste the time, because buying ringtones off iTunes with one click is SO MUCH EASIER LOL

    I'm also sure iTunes/Apple will find a way to reach out to even non-iPhone users
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    Yeah Apple is all about the $$$$$$$$$!!!!

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