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Remember the brouhaha following the yanking of GV Mobile app from the official app store? ... Apple iPhone News forum

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    Apple to FCC - It's all a big misunderstanding :)


    Remember the brouhaha following the yanking of GV Mobile app from the official app store? Well today Apple files it's "official response". Seems that they never rejected the GV app, they just wanted to "study it". From

    "Today Apple filed with the FCC the following answers to their questions.
    We are pleased to respond to the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau’s inquiry dated July 31, 2009, requesting information regarding Apple’s App Store and its application approval process. In order to give the Bureau some context for our responses, we begin with some background information about the iPhone and the App Store.
    Apple’s goal is to provide our customers with the best possible user experience. We have been able to do this by designing the hardware and software in our products to work together seamlessly. The iPhone is a great example of this. It has established a new standard for what a mobile device can be—an integrated device with a phone, a full web browser, HTML email, an iPod, and more, all delivered with Apple’s revolutionary multi-touch user interface...." [Read More]
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    Here is all 3 responses to the entire topic.


    I almost think they will agree to put the App back in the Store in an attempt to make things right. IDK?
    I just hope to see it back. It's a great App.


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    Very interesting. So it is possible that we could see the Google Voice application back in the app store. AT&T has to be loving it. Apple has stepped up and said, "Yeah, it was us that pulled the app".
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    I wonder if they like admitting that they have so little say in what goes on with that phone.


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