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    A Verizon iPhone in 2009? Not likely.

    Advertisement You don't need to be a diehard Apple fan to know that the iPhone is hot. Almost any tidbit of news relating to the phone has immediate and widespread distribution, and rumors are constantly being debated on Apple forums and blogs.

    Rumors about the iPhone no longer requiring an AT&T contract for operation have been a staple of discussion almost since the device launched in 2007. They appeal to people who either are unhappy with AT&T’s services, think the AT&T/Apple deal is anti-competitive or are locked into a long-term contract with another carrier. Tales of a Verizon iPhone coming in 2009 have been among the quickest to spread. Even old rumors that somehow cycle back into current RSS feeds spark another round of reporting, rumors and hoopla.

    But the Verizon iPhone speculation is unlikely to come true in the short term. There's a very good reason for this -- the Apple/AT&T exclusivity deal. While the terms of the deal have not been disclosed, the most reliable reports give 2010 as the earliest possible date for the deal’s expiration.

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    Good, I'm tired of both.

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    I am sure that AT&T getting a version of the Storm also hinges on this...not to mention the exclusive deal between RIM and Verizon.

    We will get what we want, when they get what they want!

    I want a Storm but I don't want Verizon!

    “If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1000 MPG!"

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    at&t has excusive rights on the iphone till 2011. By then at&t and verizon will both be switching over to LTE.

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    In response to the person that wanted the storm but no verizons service. (As an employee of att) I can tell you that my boyfren who also works for att...has a storm...and he is using tmobile service. Of course I was a little jealous being that I have a sprint blkbry and they r JUST now coming out w/a blkbry w/direct connect. He did say it wasn't easy but he was able to hook it up so that he could use it w/his current carrier. I guess one of the reasons I love him! We r wireless Point is...if u have a carrier that uses sim cards...u can do it. The fact that its a quad band device (world phone) allows go for it!!
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