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    7 iPhone Apps That Can Save Lives


    Sick of the iPhone "There's an app for that" commercial? There really is an app out there for almost anything you could think of from making your iPhone a flashlight or a virtual zippo lighter to apps for balancing your checkbook or portfolio and directions to the local Starbucks. Some applications you could probably do without (believe me, I think my son has at least 5 pages of apps on his Touch), but the seven applications featured in the article below are MUST HAVE and could actually save your life. These apps do everything from check your vitals to getting you important first aid information during an emergency. Anything can happen, so it’s always best to be prepared.

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    Hi cherri - you are absolutely right. These applications might sit in your iPhone untouched for ages, and then, all o a sudden, you might have the need for it. and it can help, definitely.
    I remember once, not so long ago, when I was lost in the middle of no where with my younger son (middle of a forested mountain at night, started raining and we both lost sense of direction, regardless of having a compass)and with my son's iPhone, signalling an SOS randomly while we walked. As it so happened a forest guard tower caught our light and within an half hour we had an all terrain vehicle pick us up. That was an experience to remember.
    We never imagine what can happen, until it happens.
    Thanks for your eye opening suggestions. As usual, you have hit another home-run...
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