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We first mentioned Zeemote last October, while attending the first BlackBerry Developers Conference here in ... BlackBerry News forum

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    Zeemote Announces JS1 Bluetooth Gaming Controller for BlackBerry Devices


    We first mentioned Zeemote last October, while attending the first BlackBerry Developers Conference here in California. Then in April of this year, Zeemote announced support for the G1 Android Smartphone. Well, the wait for the BlackBerry compatible unit is over. Available this summer; no pricing information available as of this post.

    Zeemote JS1 featuring Zeekey -- for BlackBerry

    The Zeemote JS1 Controller delivers console-style gaming for the World's Best Mobile Gaming Experience! The Zeemote JS1 featuring Zeekey Controller Software empowers you to have the ultimate congrol over ALL Mobile Games, Apps and phone features when using a BlackBerry Curve 8900, Bold, Pearl Series, Pearl Flip or Curve 8300 Series. So whether you are playing games, browsing the Internet, cueing up your favorite music, or mapping a destination, the Zeemote JS1 featuring Zeekey enables full control of your mobile experience.

    For more information, visit Zeemote


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    WOW!!! This is cool! I myself, am not a gamer,However...I know some people who would think this was super sweet. Now, I think its very cool. Great Idea. Thanks for sharing, Cherri!
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    Very cool idea. I'd like to 'test drive' one myself. Curious if there's any input lag on it. Not sure I could sit in front of my 8900 and try to actually play a game with it, but it is a neat idea and a step forward in Bluetooth input devices. As usual, nice find Cherri.
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    This is awesome! Great find Now all I need is to get one of those projectors and I'll be set.
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