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thanks for the great new apps!... BlackBerry News forum

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    thanks for the great new apps!
    lighten's too short

    my favorite cydia apps and hacks

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    BackStabbath: Try to use externat microphone via BT and choose appropriate audio path in settings.

    Quote Originally Posted by BackStabbath View Post
    is it possible to use an external microphone? meaning not use the one on the blackberry itself. sort of how the iphone will map the headphone jack to be used as an input jack when a mic is plugged into it. this in combination with lossless recording would be IDEAL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHAPE View Post
    Yes, directly to facebook and other social networks. Not manually!
    That is a pretty cool feature...

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    VR+ is great. I have used version 2.49 without any problems on my Bold. But the new 2.5 is not working at all on the Bold, the app does not even start. Anyone else with this issue?

    Just seen that 2.5.1 is out. This fixed the Bold issue and VR+ is working now again!
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    I have the VR+ app and record lectures on it. When they upload there are lectures that get cut off. I have to sit and wait for them to upload, even if I check the box to save them on my handheld. The company has been zero help and I am extremely frustrated that the lectures I am recordign have been getting wiped out. has anyone else heard of this happening or knw what it could be?

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