Vlingo is one of those must have apps on any BlackBerry smartphone. It uses voice recognition to dial contacts, send email and SMS, update Twitter and Facebook, as well as open many of the default applications on the device. It offers an almost handsfree experience for your BlackBerry. I am one of those who is adamantly against texting while driving and not a big fan of fumbling through the address book to call someone. Vlingo helps to minimize that risk by allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and do all of those things by speaking short commands.

The thing that really set this program apart for me at least is that it is awesome at handling accents and doesn't require the precise diction that many other apps do. A bonus for those of us a with a southern drawl. Well, now they've added a new feature that takes sending messages by voice a step further by reading them aloud to you. Called SafeReader, the feature allows you to stay focused on the road by telling you who the message is from and the contents of it. It's a great addition to an already awesome service.

Here's a quick video detailing the new feature:

If you're not already a Vlingo user, head over to their site and check them out. They have two versions, Vlingo and Vlingo Plus. The standard Vlingo is free and the Plus is either $19.99 (one-time) or $4.99 a month. Both include the new SafeReader feature, but the Plus is definitely worth the price for the nearly handsfree control of your device.