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    Verizon and Slacker make sweet music together on BB Storm


    From The Boy Genius Report: If you own a BlackBerry and haven’t yet heard of Slacker, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. The spunky Internet radio provider is making headlines again today and VZW-branded Storm owners should take note — Big Red has announced a new deal to get Slacker on your handset whether you like it or not. But why wouldn’t you like it? Slacker streams custom genre or artist-based stations directly to your handset, computer or Slacker portable device and keeps things fresh with a library of over 4 million songs.

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    I'm using Slacker on my 8220. An awesome download. If I had a Storm would be even more awesome tho I'm sure some Storm users won't be happy with it being pushed to their phones. Oh well. Take what ya like leave the rest!
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    Forced advertisement with average at best quality sound.
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    I have a premium slacker membership, and a few days ago for the first time tried the ipod touch client. I simply can't believe how much better it is than my 8900. (with the premium membership you can do unlimited skips) I can skip songs as fast as my fingers can hit the next button on the ipod. On my blackberry, even when I am on wifi, there is always a weird delay.

    anyway, just had to voice this. It really annoyed me because I have my blackberry almost 24/7 and actually utilize slacker on it almost all the time.

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