I have recently decided to dual boot Linux (Ubuntu) and am loving it

So I quickly began searching around for ways to do on Linux what I use to do on Windows. First things first was tethering which I tend to do fairly often.

I tried some different methods until I came across Berry4all which previously was called bbtether.

There's an old post for bbtether here.

For anyone who needs to tether on Linux I highly recommend using this program which tethers, can charge your BlackBerry (for computers that fail to do so), and even gives you some cool stats on how much data has been uploaded and downloaded (for the nerds).

It also includes config files for quite a few carriers (I know for sure T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T) with related info already set such as the apn, initcode, dialing number, etc.

My only beef with it so far is that even with using the GUI, it still must be ran from terminal. But hey it works

The main site for it now is: http://www.berry4all.com

In response to comments on the old bbtether thread, from looking at the berry4all site it looks like a future version would support Windows as well.

If anybody needs to do, I have a 8900 on T-Mobile USA, running Ubuntu 9.