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I tried alcohol wipes on my previous blackberry (8320), but I feel like it cleaned it so well that it made it too smooth. This made it actually worse -- no grip.

Now on my 8900 I am running into the same problem. I increased the sensitivity from 70 to 80, but it's still taking me 3-4 swipes to go left and right in an email.
I second that on the increased sensitivity. Mine is set at 70 right now - 80 (that's what my pearl was at and carried over from the backup) is a huge jump in sensitivity but still takes a few swipes to scroll a page. I hear the only way to get the trackball out to clean it is getting some tools and taking the face plate off

I love the trackpad idea, less cleaning aside from the occasional quick swipe with some alcohol. Maybe newer 8900's will have this upgrade?...