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I couldn't help myself. I knew someone would bite. You guys know how addicted I ... BlackBerry News forum

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    I couldn't help myself. I knew someone would bite. You guys know how addicted I am and I am sure knew better.

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    I love the new phone, this is definitely a big improvement for RIM and VZW. I bought the Storm last year when it was released and it was very buggy, as everyone remembers. They released a new OS within a week or so of being released but it still had its problems. This phone is very responsive, great app memory and screen is 100% better than the old one. I did have a hiccup this morning though, I slightly dropped the phone maybe about a foot and half drop and picked it, yes I almost cried (but I didn't, ok maybe a little) & but the screen wasn't clicking anymore, nor was the phone vibrating on incoming stuff. I did a battery pull, locked and unlocked the phone still no luck. So I decided to tap the phone against my hand a little bit and magically it starting clicking and vibrating again. Weird I know, but it's been working great so far after that. Hopefully I just have a faulty phone and this doesn't happen to everyone once they slightly drop their phone. I know I am not the only one who is clumsy out here. Anyway I just purchased a cheap silicone case, and waiting for seidio to release some cases. So far I give it .

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    Leather pouch ftw. You'd be surprised how amazingly those things protect!

    You guys rock - the reviews have been extremely reassuring.. can't believe I was even CONSIDERING moving to an HTC android piece.
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