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Hello BlackBerry users from Shazam . Some of you may have already noticed that we ... BlackBerry News forum

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    Shazam Update on BlackBerry


    Hello BlackBerry users from Shazam. Some of you may have already noticed that we recently launched a new version of our music discovery service on BlackBerry. For those who have not yet downloaded the latest version, we wanted to let you know that the new and improved version of the app is live right now and available with some cool new features. The new version allows you to purchase tracks from the 7Digital Music Store, tweet about your favorite music and watch YouTube videos of your favorite tagged tracks.

    The latest Shazam app for BlackBerry is available in 6 languages, in 13 countries and can be downloaded from BlackBerry App World. We hope you enjoy the new features and invite you reply with any questions, comments or issues.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Thanks for the heads up ! Shazam, I find, is a very useful application. I enjoy it !

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    I just DL'ed it. My wife never knows the songs she listens to and wanted me to get this for her but wanted me to get this on MY bb. LOl!

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