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I spoke about this back in November and before that in a less public appeal. ... BlackBerry News forum

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    RIM shares fall on report of BlackBerry glitches


    I spoke about this back in November and before that in a less public appeal. Lets hope things get better from here.

    Forbes: "Research in Motion Ltd. shares retreated Monday after a report in The Wall Street Journal pointed to a rocky debut for the company's BlackBerry Storm, its most direct competitor with Apple Inc.'s iPhone. The newspaper suggested some early buyers have gotten fed up with glitches in the Storm's software and phone service after RIM and Verizon Wireless - the phone's exclusive service carrier in the U.S. - rushed their product to market ahead of the holiday season. RIM shares were off $2.75, or 5.2 percent, at $49.89 in afternoon trading."

    Also see: BlackBerry Storm Is Off To Bit of a Bumpy Start.

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    A service provider rushed a product to market before it was ready? I DON'T BELIEVE IT! [heavy sarcasm] That is how things work in big bu$ine$$.

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    RIM as a whole needs to get their game face on and focus on the task at hand. Get the devices you have out already working and functional 110% of the time with their officially released carrier OS, THEN release new devices. I understand the need to try and stay ahead of the curve ( pun intended), but don't lose your user base that has been there for years. I think if enough people voice their opinions regarding issues such as these, we will see more positive changes as well from RIM and the carriers.

    Look at Verizon for example with their cripplementation of GPS enabled BB's. On the 9530 we finally have GPS unlocked. Right around the launch of the 9530, Verizon decided to sort of unlock the GPS functioanality of the 8830, 8130, and 8330 (at least for BBMaps, gotta start somewhere).

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