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We know you love widgets, so feast your eyes on this: RIM has just announced ... BlackBerry News forum

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    RIM posts new BlackBerry widget APIs, dev kit


    We know you love widgets, so feast your eyes on this: RIM has just announced a software development kit for creating web-based widgets on the BlackBerry platform. With new APIs that allow access to a everything from email and calendar applications to the GPS, media player, files and documents stored on the smartphone, the handset's push technology and more, hot-to-trot software developers such as yourself can build all kinds of crazy apps for OS 5. What are you waiting for? Hit the read link for everything you need -- including the Smartphone Simulator and BlackBerry Widget SDK beta. And be sure you drop us a line after creating some award-winning apps. PR after the break.
    via Engadget

    RIM Press Release
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    What berry is that? I want it now!!!
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    Interesting, can't wait to see what they come up with....glad to see something new!
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    Lol I thought the same thing when I saw that phone I want it now lol but I think that was the first rumored storm lol,also this is great news thanks
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