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You can tell, from the list below, that our beloved themers have been hard at ... BlackBerry News forum

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    PinStack Theme Round Up - FREE Downloads


    You can tell, from the list below, that our beloved themers have been hard at work creating themes for your BlackBerry! It's only been about two weeks since my last round-up and I can't believe how many new free themes we have posted. A few weeks ago, included in my Round-Up, was a theme by Stacker xxpantheonxx called Art Gallery v1 for the Storm. While I can't review it physically (I don't own a Storm), what I did want to mention was the originality. Not only does he have custom icons but he went the extra mile and has created custom meters for the battery and signal (the candles on each side of the image) as well as a customs wallpapers. (see image). Check it out at the link above for OTA or Desktop Download and also see more themes by xxpantheonxx under the 95xx Storm themes link below. Now get to downloading!!

    Thanks once again to all the themers out there that share your themes with the PinStack community We really appreciate it!

    81xx Pearl (compatible with 8100, 8110, 8120 & 8130)
    81xx 4.5 Liquid Metal
    81xx Custom Purple VOLCOM Theme
    81xx: Golden Thunder Custom 4.5
    HTC touch diamond theme for 8100
    Puscifer by request 81xx 4.5 ONLY!!!!
    81xx 4.5 Purple Pearls
    81xx: New York Rangers 4.5 By Request
    81xx 4.5 Pearl Dragon
    81xx: Montreal Canadiens 4.5 By Request
    81xx: Buffalo Sabres Bottom Dock 4.5
    81xx vista-like simple theme 4.5
    The Boondock Saints 81xx 4.5 only! (per request)
    81xx Custom Dark Side OTA
    81xx: Tinkerbell Custom 4.5
    81xx OS4.5: Worldwide Today Plus
    81xx: Libra Today Plus 4.5 by request
    81xx Tony Stewart Custom U 4.5

    8220 Pearl (compatible with 8220, 8230)
    82xx: Black n Silver Berry Dock Cubed 913
    8220 OTA iVista (By Request) OS4.6
    82xx Flip - Perfect

    83xx Curve (compatible with the 8300, 8310, 8320 & 8330, 8350i)
    83xx Air Jordan Custom (by request) OS 4.5
    83xx Firefighter Custom (by request) OS 4.5
    83xx Underwater 4.5 OTA
    83xx CSI New York Custom (OS 4.5)
    83xx 4.5 os: I call it " a perfect day "
    83xx: FireFighter Today Plus 4.5
    Milwaukee Brewers Theme (by request) OS 4.5
    83xx OTA VerticalScrolling Ed Hardy OS4.5
    Spring into Easter Theme 83XX OS 4.5
    83xx: Is This The Right Road Bottom Dock 4.5
    69 Camaro 83xx 4.2
    83xx OTA TheFlowV2 OS4.5
    83xx OTA AnimatedDragons OS4.2/4.5
    83xx OTA TheFlow OS4.5
    83xx 4.2/4.5 Vette Mako Shark
    83xx 4.5 A Golfer's Theme
    83xx: Summer Watercolors Custom 4.5
    DJ 83xx Theme Custom 4.5
    83xx OTA Beaches OS4.5 (by request)
    8350i: FireFighter Today Plus By Request
    83xx: Real Madrid 4.5 OS
    by request...casablanca 83XX 4.5 OS
    83xx OS 4.5 StealthBerry Today Plus
    83xx Rainbow Pride OTA 4.5
    83xx: Virgo Custom 4.5
    83xx: Wild Roses Reverse L 4.5
    83xx 4.2/4.5 Perfect
    83xx: 4.5 theme: I call it " angel maybe? "
    83xx 4.2/4.5 Tied in Knots

    8800 Themes (compatible with the 8800, 8820, 8830)

    8900 Curve
    8900 Lava Double Bottom Dock OTA
    8900 OTA DoubleHiddenDock Ed Hardy OS4.6
    89xx Halo 3 4.6 ota
    8900 OTA Ominous OS4.6
    8900 OTA TheFlow w/HiddenDock OS4.6
    8900 OTA Attack of the Giant Slinky OS4.6
    8900: U of O Oregon Ducks True Today
    8900 OTA I'mBerryCalm OS4.6
    8900 OTA HighwayRun OS4.6
    8900 OTA TheBerry OS4.6
    8900 OTA BlackV2 OS4.6
    8900 Theme: Verizon8900!
    Family Guy Zen Theme
    htc touch diamond theme for 8900
    8900 OTA Black OS4.6
    8900 OTA Wired OS4.6

    9000 Bold
    9000: Rocky Mountains Bottom Dock 4.6
    9000: In The Shadows Double Zen 4.6
    9000 OTA ExoticCops OS 4.6
    90xx Chicago White Sox 4.6 OTA
    9000 Chicago Cubs 4.6 OTA
    9000 OTA X-Origins OS 4.6
    9000 OTA TheFlow w/Hidden Dock OS4.6
    9000 OTA DoubleDock EdHardy OS4.6
    9000_iVistaBerryToday Zen OS 4.6
    9000: Along The Way Custom 4.6
    9000 OTA I'mBerryCalm OS4.6
    9000 OTA Attack of the Giant Slinky OS4.6
    9000 OTA Dragonfly (by Request) OS4.6
    9000 OTA NewEnglandSports (By Request) OS 4.6
    Natural Ireland Bold 9000 4.6 Natural Ireland
    9000: Summer Watercolors Custom 4.6
    9000 OTA CallofDuty:World@War OS4.6 ( By request)
    90xx Worldwide Today Plus
    9000 Wallace & Gromit OTA 4.6
    9000 OTA ThePunisher OS4.6 (by Request)
    9000 ota www os4.6
    9000 OTA Xformers:Revenge2 OS4.6
    9000 OTA TheBerry OS4.6
    9000 OTA CableTies OS 4.6
    9000 OTA DarkGrey OS4.6
    9000: Eye Of A Fish Bottom Dock 4.6
    Bold Theme: Precision Plus
    9000 - Purple Haze theme by request
    Purple Lilac 9000 Theme (by request) OS 4.6
    9000 OTA HighwayRun OS4.6
    9000 OTA TheRoadDog OS4.6
    9000: Different Places Bottom Dock 4.6
    9000 OTA Black OS4.6
    9000: Harley Davidson custom ota
    9000 OTA TheCabbie OS4.6
    9000 Boris Vallejo Custom

    95xx Storm (compatible with the 9500 and 9530)
    RoxyBerry : 95xx Storm
    95XX iVistaBerryToday DoubleDock_OS 4.7
    9530 Superhero Zen OTA
    Dirty Blue Metal
    Halo Berry : 95xx Storm
    DragonBallZ : Vegeta edition - 95xx Storm
    FireFighter v1 : 95xx Storm
    Windows Honeycomb **Beta
    95xx WindowsBerry Hidden Today Theme
    Washington Redskins -- FREE
    95xx: "We are here. We are waiting" TF2
    Official 95xx Pink Theme - All the ladies **MUST DOWNLOAD
    95xx: LightHouseStorm 4.7
    95xx Plain L Type Customizable as requested
    Grecian Myth
    finalfantasy 7 theme 95xx click here

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    ask me
    you did it again cherri
    thankyou for taking the time to do this new great round up
    and thankyou themers for you hard work and time
    When i say i have Bold family phones, I meant it, from the older to the younger, even the unborn ;)

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    sorry no
    Ealvnv said it!Thank you Cherrichiodo for your efforts.And well you themers likely know by now I am a big fan of your talent and your generious spirits.
    ~via smartphone

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    Thanks for the round up.

    Wow I can't believe how many themes are being created its crazy. You theme developers really deserve a round of applause.

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    nice. thank you Cherri. i have been working a new a theme for a while now, i think i may post it so i can become part of the theme round up.

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    Goodmorning Caboose06,pleasure to meet you, I have to admit there's no other forum on this earth t hat has as much theme makers that this one dude,and themes made with quality cause they are not made just for nothing,they are made with us in mind,I thank all of you themers in this forum for your kind dedication I appreciate it
    ~via smartphone
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    Nice Round up CC as always!

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

    My TORCH Rocks!

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    I've never seen so many great new theme(s). It's CWaZy!

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    ^^ Agree with you 101% . It's insanity. Silly theme builders...wait I am one of them lmao
    What's the matter? CIA's got you pushing too many pencils?

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    I know you guys probably don't get the thanks you deserve for the hard work you put onto these great themes but I for one appreciate it a great deal! Keep up the good work! Thanks cherri for posting these!
    ~via smartphone

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    Great job Cherri I have no idea how you keep track of it all

    Samsung Galaxy S4
    Asus Nexus 7
    Nook Color

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    well done, this must have taken forever, kudos
    Never give can always make a difference

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