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It's been awhile since my last Theme Round Up and I sincerely apologize for being ... BlackBerry News forum

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    Thumbs up PinStack Smartphone Theme Round Up - FREE Downloads


    It's been awhile since my last Theme Round Up and I sincerely apologize for being such a slacker.

    We will feature themes and wallpapers for all the major smartphones we cover. But for now, below is a small list of what we have in the BlackBerry Free Theme forum. Don't forget to also check out the downloads section of PinStack for more downloads! Sorry there's still no love for the Tour owners when it comes to themes. Plazmic typically releases an update for new devices about 3 months after the device launch. If I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath... Let's hope the next release supports all the new beta software too.

    Themers: Don't forget the Theme Developers forum, the FREE Theme Goodies in the downloads and the BlackBerry Themer Group ... tutorials to resize icons in batch, hands on with composer and TONS of theme goodies including icons/menus/buttons.

    81xx Pearl (compatible with 8100, 8110, 8120 & 8130)
    81xx Vista Berry 4.5
    81xx: Earth Theme 4.5(only)
    Hak. Seventh theme. 81xx Stolen.
    Hak. Fourth theme. 81xx City.
    Pearl Precision Zen (81xx OS 4.5)
    81XX: Tare Panda Zen Theme;4.5;OTA Link
    81xx -4.5-custom i-berry-l
    81xx Matrix Dual Docker by request 4.5 ONLY!!!
    Hak. Eleventh theme. 81xx Space.
    81XX Custom Plazmic Fractal Slivers

    8220 Pearl (compatible with 8220, check compatiblity for 8230)
    82xx Quad Dock OS 4.6
    82xx -Tri Dock - Blue - free ( Clean Theme!!)
    82xx Your Pic Here Double Dock
    8220: "Twilight" True Today
    By Request: 82xx Chicago Cubs "U" OTA OS 4.6

    83xx Curve (compatible with the 8300, 8310, 8320 & 8330, check compatibility for 8350i)
    83XX: Floating Scroll: White Tiger
    Free 'L' Style Steampunk Theme Curve 8330 OS4.5
    83xx: Requested 'L' Dock Black & White Theme
    83XX: Colours and Orbs: Scrolling Dock
    83XX: Zen Twilight Theme *Custom Icons*
    83xx: Orange County Choppers "U"
    83Android OTA (By request) OS4.5
    Simply Convenient 83xx OS 4.5 My First Theme
    83xx: Extreme DJ
    83xx: Im Blue.... (Everyone should have a theme like this!!!) 4.5 OS
    83xx Indian Motorcycles 4.5 OS OTA

    8900 Curve
    pure.system : A FREE theme for Blackberry 8900
    Tool 8900
    Pure laboratory: A FREE theme for Blackberry 8900
    8900: Waterfall
    EliteBerry (Curve 8900 Zen Theme OTA)
    8900: L.O.V.E. w/hidden dock!
    8900: White Tiger
    8900: Touch of Glass 4.6 OS
    8900: Sushi Theme...Yumm!!! W/hidden dock!
    The Cost Animated 8900 4.6
    8900 OTA AndoidClone OS4.6
    8900: "Twitter" Weather Plus
    All Business 8900 4.6

    9000 Bold
    9000 OTA PitchBlack OS4.6
    Bold 9000: University of Alabama
    9000 Avatar (the movie) OS4.6
    9000: Michael Jackson (My First Theme)
    9000 OTA FriendsWithNature (2Versions) OS4.6
    9000 OTA AndroidHybrid OS4.6
    9000: FireFighter v9.0
    9000: RollingStoneCoversV2
    9000 OTA LinkinPark OS4.6
    9000: Iconictheme
    Nature Hidden today (Bold OS 4.6)
    BOLD/9000 OTA: The American Theme

    95xx Storm (compatible with the 9500 and 9530)
    95XX:Sailor Jerry;First attempt at Storm theme!
    95XX iVistaBerryToday DoubleDock_OS 4.7
    95xx: :|: elle :|:
    95xx *Pookie* User Customizable-Today Plus
    95xx Animated Happy Birthday America 4.7 OTA
    95xx: inFAMOUS

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    ask me
    Great job Cherri, as always outstanding.
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    Ooooh! a roundup. I was wondering what happened to them... Great job Cherri!! My hero (jumps like a little girl) lol. Enjoy the themes guys... Thank you theme builders you guys are awesome and thanks for sharing your creativity with us. L8r
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    Yes - let me add my thanks to all of our Theme Builders who really give unselfishly so much to the site!
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    Hi Cherri - good round up ! I have it as permanent feature on my browser "favorites". That's how much I value it...Just had to replace the old round-up I had.
    I just hope, one day, I have time to develop themes as well, to "give something back" to the stackers for all the themes I have downloaded - I think it could be away to thank all of you.
    It's a great effort from all. Thanks very much.
    Keep it up !

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    good write up....
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    Nice round up, CC! I always miss some of these!

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    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

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