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SEATTLE (February 4, 2008) – Melodeo, a leader in mobile media, announced today the availability ... BlackBerry News forum

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    nuTsie Brings iTunes and More to the BlackBerry Storm


    SEATTLE (February 4, 2008) – Melodeo, a leader in mobile media, announced today the availability of its nuTsie service for the BlackBerry Storm, Research in Motion's flagship smartphone. BlackBerry Storm users can download nuTsie at ( either on the Web or on their mobile browser.

    nuTsie provides the ultimate digital music experience by allowing users to:

    • listen to their own iTunes music on their phone or on the Web
    • add new music to their account from a massive music library
    • explore full-track music recommendations using nuTsie's proprietary recommendation engine
    • discover and add other users' playlists
    • build custom playlists
    • synchronize all elements of the experience across mobile and Web

    nuTsie is already the number one music app at, Alltel, Nokia Download!,, and on the Danger Sidekick.

    For a one-time download charge of $19.95, BlackBerry users can access their own iTunes music anywhere as well as add songs and playlists to their library without limit. It's endless music for under $20.00.

    "We think this bridges the gap for the hardcore BlackBerry user who wants a touchscreen and the functionality of an iPod while carrying only one device," said nuTsie CEO Jim Billmaier. "With smartphone ownership at 20% of U.S. mobile users and headed quickly toward 50%, it's important to stay nimble and keep nuTsie current with the latest and greatest devices such as the Storm."

    In addition to availability on the BlackBerry Storm, Curve, Pearl and 8800 series phones, nuTsie is also available for Windows Mobile and a wide range of lower-end phones. On the iPhone, the nuTsie product line is the number one seller among music apps.


    Melodeo, Inc.
    Melodeo, Inc. is a leader in delivering music and other media to the Web and mobile devices. Through products such as nuTsie and Mobilcast, Melodeo combines powerful content, a simple user interface and access from any device, making it easy to enjoy and share entertainment anytime and anyplace.

    Melodeo reaches more than 50 million wireless customers through distribution deals and customer relationships with Alltel, Apple, AT&T, Handmark, Handango, Thumbplay, Danger, Motorola, Nokia, Rogers, 3, China Unicom, Sony BMG Music Entertainment & Warner Music Group in China, TDC in Denmark and Korean Telecom Freetel (KTF). Melodeo's mobile entertainment services are compatible with the majority of mobile handsets on the market.

    Web site:

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    Would this benefit me if I don't have iTunes?
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    No J you upload the list of songs in your iTunes to Nutise then they randomly shuffle the songs OTA to your phone.

    Thanks, well if I had iTunes, this app would be a must have then, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by j llama View Post
    Would this benefit me if I don't have iTunes?
    Yes, completely. Imagine as a record store - walk around the site, and add whatever songs you want into your custom playlists. Title 'em, organize 'em. Any action on syncs with your nuTsie account on BlackBerry. You can also add playlists already created by other users, or one's created by nuTsie. (these are really popular)

    Hope that helps - please feel free to ask any more questions!


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