vPost is in app stores at the price of $9.95 with a 14-day free-trial. vPost lets BlackBerry users capture and email any combination of pictures, video, audio, & GPS location....it’s a multimedia bundle that re-invents email on a BlackBerry.

Once captured you can send multimedia emails to anyone...friends, family, colleagues, blogs, news agencies, and even social networks. Many social networks and news sites have email addresses you can set-up to email photo’s, video, audio, and GPS locations to.

You can check out vPost in the mobihand app store by going to this locations: http://www.mobihand.com/product.asp?id=25673&n=vPost

Vayyoo also has twitter: http://twitter.com/vayyoo

You can view my vPost powered blog at http://kylo.posterous.com

You can also visit http://www.GETvPost.com for more information and to download the app.