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have the bugs been worked out? I had this on my T-Mobile 8900 and had ... BlackBerry News forum

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    have the bugs been worked out? I had this on my T-Mobile 8900 and had to revert back. Too many issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmanley View Post
    The big trouble is BB has made so many differant phones and trying to compete with I-phone and Pre, both of which on make one phone. So its hard for them to keep up with all the differant models. If they would make maybe two models like the curve and bold they could keep up with updates. But they try to sell so many phones by giving each carrrier a differant model. Look at all the differant curves that are out there, one has GPS one has WIFI one has both. I love BB but they are their own worse enemy. they are going to lose the business world because IT departments have to deal with too many differant models and what problems each ones OS has
    The main thing that people keep forgetting about with this BBM 5.0 is that it is a leaked Beta. It was never meant for mass distribution. In all honesty, if it had worked for a week and stopped, I wouldn't have been upset about it. I'm just extremely happy it managed to work on my device.
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