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Any time enjoy it... ~via smartphone BlackBerry News forum

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    ask me


    Any time enjoy it...
    ~via smartphone

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    Hi, here is my favourite one *****YouCast for Blackberry - FREE*****

    It allows you to exchange media files with your blackberry friends instantly without worrying about file size. The push activation application based on Wireless SMS or email. It supports parallel, scheduled, segmented upload and download with CRC checksum with efficient network bandwidth utilization.Difference from traditional MMS: No size limitation, No physical network limitations, connectionless protocol, multiple files supported, multiple sender and receiver threads, multiple destination types such as phone number,working on WIFI and data plan, no PC required, segmented upload and download. It does auto pause and resume based on your network condition.

    To install, point your bb browser to at click Install Now. Snap the photo & video, send to your bb friends without worrying about the file size. Detail product information is at www . youcast . net (no space in url) Check it out!

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    Hey I just downloaded the new Threaded SMS app from and it's pretty darn cool. There's also a discount code that I think will work for the next couple days. It's tmsm50offps and I think it's SO worth it. I know OS 5.0 already has threaded SMS but this one comes with a cool iPhone bubble theme and is supposed to come out with more soon. I don't know when my Curve 8330 will update to OS 5.0 but now I'm not too concerned about it. I wanted threaded SMS more than anything.

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    Thumbs up Battery App

    I have always been frustrated at how little information the Blackberrys battery indicator gives you, and after plenty of searching I finally found a great app which gives me the information I need.

    I found it in BlackBerry App World, its called Battery Status and gives me information on average battery life, remaining charge time, and has battery saving modes built in.

    Great app, definitely on my must have software list.

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    SmrtGuard Free version Now Available

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    Ask via
    Just heard about the free version myself WELL worth space on my BB!
    Rich C.
    Twitter me @

    Reinstall Your OS on a Bricked BB Click here

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