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    Multi-IM Client Roundup


    One of the key features of the BlackBerry that I've always loved has been BlackBerry Messenger. A PIN based messenger service, it required no extra downloads and allowed for free (with a data plan) messaging with fellow BlackBerry addicts. If there's one thing that I've learned from Pinstack, it's that there's a smartphone for everyone and not all of them are BlackBerry's. Kind of leaves a gap in the communication bridge when I want to have a private conversation with a friend. Luckily however, there are almost as many IM services as there are smartphones these days. The use of these services allows for instant (as the name implies) and private communication not only on our smartphones, but also on the PC.

    So to make sure I can stay in seamless contact with friends and family who have yet to embrace the BlackBerry addiction, I downloaded my favorite IM client, Google Talk. I added a few friends, but then it dawns on me that my friend John uses AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and my uncle uses Windows Messenger. So I'm looking at potentially three different IM clients on my Curve just to stay in touch. Not my ideal situation as it's a ton of storage space and the battery drain alone would be horrendous.

    Seems I'm not the only one who's encountered this dilemma however. Apparently there are a handful of clients out there designed to connect to multiple services. So now I'd have to only download one client and I could keep in touch with everyone. Obviously the next step was to find one that not only connected to every service I needed, but was easy to use, wouldn't burn through my battery, and it had to have a nice interface. Searching App World, user forums, and of course good old Google, I compiled a list of apps, both free and paid, and gave each of them a try to find the one that offered the most.

    Here are the list of apps I found and the ones you can expect to see a review on:



    I was hoping for a much rounder number of apps to review, but other clients like Palringo and Instango don't work properly on OS 5.0 at this time and with 5.0 becoming the standard OS on many current and all newer devices, I wanted to focus on apps that are still receiving updates from the developers.
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    Current OS list by device
    How to upgrade your OS

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    I've had BeeJive ever since the 8130 came to Sprint and it will go with me when I get my Tour2 or whatever they name it. It is great and simple to use.

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    I had IM+ when I had WinMo and that app was awesome. Just sucked at the time because it would disconnect when a phone call came in. That was on my i930 on nextel. And on my mogul when I had sprint. I have tried beejive and I have to say its one of the best. Better than IM+ works like a real IM cilent on the cpu.

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    I am a previous blackberry owner, and must say that blackberry messenger was by far my favorite feature. I had been anxious to own an android since before the g1 was in production. With the advent of the droid on verizon, I was able to finally own one without switching carriers. I was hesitant to switch because I had fallen in love with bbm. The things that make it great are what you have mentioned above; full integration with the phone and ease of use. Of thr alternatives above, I would have to say that beejive im is the best. It excells in integration with the blackberry os and led notifications. I wasn't fond of the IM+ interface and nimbuzz seems like a resource hog, it is just too bulky in my opinion. I like beejive but don't like the price of registration. I wish there were more free alternatives, but you can't have it all can you?
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    I'm using BeeJive on my both devices (see sig) and still haven't found better one...
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    +IM and that's all. I remain in contact with all and still get messages pushed to my e mail when I'm off...

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    PM me...
    Another Beejive user here..been using it for the last 3 years, tried a few others, but always come back to beejive. Use it on both my BB and my ipod touch.
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    Add me to the Beejive user list. It's been great and I have no complaints with it.

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    Nothing like BeejiveIM. In fact I think it's the main app that keeps me with BlackBerry even more than the push e-mail as I bet lots of junk mail anyway and most people who need to get in touch with me either text, call, IM, or message me through one of the many social networking sites out there!

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    Nice write! I keep beejive running for my IM needs
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    just ask
    Please pardon the ignorance, but with any of these IM's do you get the unlimited text feature found with the BBM product?

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