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Originally Posted by sod50 how can i unlock my blackberry 8100 to use another sim ... BlackBerry News forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by sod50 View Post
    how can i unlock my blackberry 8100 to use another sim card cos ii is displaying invalid sim card. so how i can i get the unlock code and the steps to follow email me phone info: blackberry 8100 ,t-mobile num:4043486161,imei num:352127010294077
    You can unlock your blacberry pearl in to ways first is to call t mobile customer care give your phone imei number tell them you are going abroad so please give you the unlock code they can give it to you in 3 working days
    The other is to get it unlocked by paying some cash there's a guy on e bay who can give you the unlock code
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    I've got a pearl 8100 os 4.5 I had to get a new BB from carrier trackball problems, anyways now I can't get aim to work, not through an aim dl,I tried to dl through the icon that came with it and it says "thhis application is for the tmobile BB pearl 8100 he device you are using is not supported." so, inevitably I called tmobile, they were no help, which is upsetting cause usually they have great tech and CS! Aim worked on old pearl, not this one! Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Thanks, really usefull

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    Can you please email me with instructions to unlock my pearl 8100 AT&T bought out Dobson Cellular One and no one has been able to tell me how to unlock it so I may still use it. I FEEL LOST WITHOUT IT! My email address is I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you

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    My BB Pearl is dead!!

    Hi all!!, I recently moved to Australia from the US and brought my Tmob unlocked BB Pearl 8100 with me.I have been using it with a Vodaphone prepaid sim.Couple of days ago I got a white screen with JV error code 535 on it.I came to pinstack looking for solutions.I dowloaded the JL_Cmder file and went thru the step suggested .After multiple tries with different versions(4.1,5.01.28) of the desktop I was still getting the the JVM error screen.In frustration i tried the (5) resettofactory option which didnt seem to do anything.But I did notice that a message saying 'error unable to open port'.Also the Desktop manager says the BB is disconnected and it says that Com 1 and Com 3 are disabled.As of last night the phone wont itnialize. All that I get is red flickering light which flickers once and the three times in rapid sequence. Is there anything I can do to repair the phone?Or am I better off getting a replacement?
    BB software:4.2.1 for 8100

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