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You can have up to 10 personal email accounts on BIS, but one of them ... BlackBerry News forum

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    Re: Integrating email accounts with BIS


    You can have up to 10 personal email accounts on BIS, but one of them would be the blackberry email address that you can create for your device on BIS. It can take up to 15 - 20 minutes for email from some POP3 or IMAP4 integrated accounts to appear on your device, but Gmail and Yahoo (you don't need Yahoo Plus) are the two exceptions. They have a partnership with RIM, so the email will be delivered to your device as if it were push, though it might take 30 minutes sometime for it to kick in (has something to do with an initialization the Yahoo or Gmail server has to do once it receives the request from the RIM relay). With the recent changes at Yahoo, one might have to simply re-integrate the email account on BIS for everything to act nice , but I've never seen someone have trouble integrating Yahoo mail on BIS.

    This leads me to Hotmail and Windows Live mail. Microsoft sees RIM as a direct competitor and thus have no agreement with them to allow BIS access for the free Hotmail accounts, that's why there are the difficulties with integrating Hotmail on BIS. Also, MICROSOFT WANTS YOUR MONEY! That's why they want you to subscribe to a Plus account to receive hotmail email on other devices or clients. I've found that most people with old Hotmail accounts don't seem to have the problems that the newly created Hotmail accounts have, most likely b/c of the way they are set up on the MS servers. (However, there are, supposedly (but quite likely so), internal system audits of hotmail accounts that automatically convert the old accounts. Again, that is speculation, but wide speculation

    To go into a little more detail on a few things that hayden posted concerning setting up POP and IMAP email on BIS:

    Both POP and IMAP can use SSL, so if your email account is not automatically validated on BIS, non-secure email will use the standard incoming ports 110 and 143 for POP and IMAP, respectively, while secure email (requires SSL) will be ports 995 and 993, respectively (can be different according to provider). So, if you have to manually provide the settings for email on BIS, you will only select the SSL option if required to do so by your ISP, mail host, or IT Administrator, and you will know to use SSL if your ports are either 995 or 993.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waid10 View Post
    Okay, all three of my email accounts are now set up with BIS. The only issue I am now having is with reconciliation. When I read new email on my handheld, it is reconciled on my computer. However, when I read and/or delete email on my computer, it does not reconcile on my handheld. It still shows up as a new unread message on my handheld. It is doing this with all 3 email accounts (2 Outlook and 1 Yahoo).

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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