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Still wondering if the 8520 is the right device for you? Here is are two ... BlackBerry News forum

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    How to Tell if New Curve's Right for You


    Still wondering if the 8520 is the right device for you? Here is are two nice right ups from's Al Sacco:

    "Tuesday, I attended RIM's Curve 8520 launch event in New York City, where the company showed off all kinds of up-and-coming wares along with the new device. I spent quite a bit of time with the new Curve and was able to mostly size it up.
    Now, on to the Curve 8520 features and technical specifications, as well as my breakdown of why the new Curve could be a perfect fit for you--or not."

    RIM's New Curve 8520 Has Nine Unique BlackBerry Features
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    Very informative Gary. I'll have to go to a Tmobile store and play with it and see how the new trackpad works. I'm still holding out on ATT's allegedly release of Magnum that's what I want
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    It's got some interesting features....but lack of flash for the camera is a big downer.....I rely on that video flash as a flashlight all the time.
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    Nice find Gary. It looks like a decent device for anyone who's been wanting to get a BB, but not spend a lot on it. I would miss my GPS function way too much.
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    Very interesting mini review. Even without the camera flash I think it will do well. What os is being shipped with?
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