The new Product Search results pages for mobile are available in the US and UK, and for iPhone and Android-powered devices. Learn more in Google's help center.

Also see: Amazon's App: for for iPhone & now Blackberry.

New Google Product Search for mobile: Say you're in a store and having a hard time deciding between two products. Instead of waiting to go home to check the internet for ratings and reviews, you can now get all of this information right there on the spot. Just take out your phone, go to in your browser, and try out Google Product Search for mobile. From, type in a query and then tap on the "shopping" link that appears in the search results. Or, tap on the "more" tab and then "shopping" to get to Product Search directly.

Google Product Search for mobile gives you the same product information that you would get at your computer. And when you click on products like electronics and video games, you'll see dedicated product pages that include ratings charts and technical specifications. Watch this video for a demo and to see how I can use Product Search for mobile while shopping at our company store and one of our "Hardware Depots."