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Originally Posted by evo1725 wow look at mei dont have alot of money like him ... BlackBerry News forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by evo1725 View Post
    wow look at mei dont have alot of money like him and i have 2!!! blackberrys!!! i guess that makes me more special!!! big deal give this guy a break!!!!!
    I think it's a big deal because how the public will perceive it.

    The CEO of the company using a competitor's device instead of their own?
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    Maybe this is why Google has such a good understanding of the market? The CEO is actually in a position to say here's what I'd like to emulate and here are what issues I would like to resolve in our Android smartphone offerings.

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    Good point Hayden!
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    I'm sure that the CEO's from RIM, apple all have each others devices so they can compare and to see what the other guy is up to. The thing here is that I don't think you will see these CEO's in public with them, using it as a daily device.

    Its one thing to have it for research and another to be carrying it around using it daily. We doint know why he has that blackberry, but is certaintly good advertising for RIM.
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