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Originally Posted by aldie yeah, as stated, all good points.... I agree, i'm sure that ... BlackBerry News forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by aldie View Post
    yeah, as stated, all good points....

    I agree, i'm sure that there are A LOT of people who don't even realize what a theme is. Actually, i know. People will come in to my store who have had a blackberry for two years and be blown away that "your screen doesn't look like mine". With themes in the app store, not only would that be a way to add hundreds of apps(themes) to the store, but it would also open up the store to so many theme makers that aren't develepers per say. It would give those hardworking and devoted theme builders a chance to make some cash, but almost be a reward for people making themes that have been doing it for the BB community for so long to get a peice of the action.

    If the free themes that people post here for example that get hundreds/thousands of downloads were also put on the app world for even $1.99 or something for all of the non-pinstack visiting people, that would be huge.
    We were discussing that in another thread not long ago. It's hard to know for sure what the reason is for that but I am under the impression quality control is part of the problem and the fact the CDK was released to the public in the wrong way.
    (long ago). I don't think RIM knew how popular Themes would be. They missed the boat if you ask me. They simply don't embrace Themes for one reason or another.

    I realize there are hundreds if not thousands of great themes but they tend to be unstable for everyone. Look over any Theme thread (on any web site) and you will see how they are high maintenance. I guess I can't say for certain but there is a reason they don't let them into the Store and I have to think it has to do with Quality Control. It could also be in part how Apps are submitted to the Store?
    I know for sure submitting a Theme to other sites like (Magmic) are a real pain. Every single file has to be prepared in a certain way and documentation is also required. It's not just a simple .thm file with a name and a few great screen shots.

    I think they would be a big hit also. There must be some reason they are not in the App Store?

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    I would like to comment on this thread - but since I am out here in little Portugal, I don´t, yet, have access to BB Application World (Geez, what world ?). Haydn and others in the know, when will that happen ? Any news ?

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