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For what its worth, 8900 on 5 for 2 days now. No issues (don't use ... BlackBerry News forum

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    For what its worth, 8900 on 5 for 2 days now. No issues (don't use facebook or viigo). No crashes, no issues with themes and or quickpull.
    Only issue as apps go for me is BerryBuzz acting weird. Sometimes it works, others it doesn't. Used a 3rd party theme and for once didn't have it wig out and lock up.

    Going to keep 5.0 for now. Unless there's a huge bug haven't seen I'm content. Esp with word wrap finally working.
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    I got a random reboot doing normal browsing. It's not common though, but it does have some issues...

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    This is by far the looking os by far, the downside is viigo and facebook does not work. I still get updates on my facebook from my email account and I log into my FB that way but its no FB icon on screen. I'm going to stick with 5.0 for now. The ability to change wallpaper and theme from homepage as well as folders are great. And I love the new look of messenger, only downside of messenger is the limited amount of words you can add to your status message.

    I use twitterberry, and log on to facebook through the bolt browser and I use pinstack and crackberry launcher, I previously used those apps within viigo. So I love this new os
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