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i LOVE this app. i too bought the multi-device option and have never regretted it, ... BlackBerry News forum

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    i LOVE this app. i too bought the multi-device option and have never regretted it, especially as many times as i've changed bbs

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    I am using IM+ Messenger on my Storm (shapeservicesDOTcom). I have not found that Beejive for Storm is available.
    IM+ is more expensive but you will not regret buying it. IM Push works flawessly (you can send and receive IMs as emails and save precious battery life). I really recommend to try a trial version for free. It's awesome.

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    I tried IM+ for all of 6 hours and it wasn't for me. I didn't like the UI and some other stuff.

    I had IM+ for WM when I had my 8525 and found that version klunky and always disconnecting.

    Think I will stick with BeeJive.

    ~via smartphone

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    Thumbs up

    I had just purchased BeeJive about an hour ago, and I have to say it is a good feeling knowing that i wont lose such a great app after the 30 day trial that i was currently on. And due to my experiences with the Pearl 8100 before, I know that I will definitely be using that 1 year warranty that T-Mo/ Blackberry has more than once. Given that with the Pearl alone I went through 5 units before the warranty finished that year. So putting that in consideration, I bought the Personal License for $24.99 so I can transfer it to the replacement(s) I am prob going to have in the future (knock on wood, i hope i wont have to go through that with my 8900!) lol. I also put in consideration that if i bought the $14.99 version of the app, chances are I will have to purchase the $9.00 transfer fee to put it on another device, and thats already a $1 away from the price you would pay to have the Personal License that gives you unlimited transfers (to one device at a time). Think long term I guess I should say...

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    I love this application!! I've had it ever since my first blackberry which was a 8100. Don't waste your time with just a device license get a user license it's well worth it!

    I switched devices enough times for it to pay for itself already.

    Beejive is the best!

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